Friday, August 7, 2009

Pillow Fights and Drawings


Over 100 students and program assistants (think camp counselors only in the city) gather outside the front steps of the residence hall clutching pillows. The one in charge of the entire program, RUDY RAMOS, an office dweller always dressed in a shirt pants and tie with slicked back hair stands in front of everyone making an announcement.

What we are about to do is in celebration of the
end of this program. It is also highly illegal, but
that's not gonna stop us is it?


Cheers emit from the crowd, several members raise their pillows in the air triumphantly.

Ok, so we can't converge in the park or we'll
get arrested.

The crowd starts to moan.

BUT! But, we're going to go over to Washington
Place right around the corner and do this right in
the middle of the street!

The crowd cheers again. They're all anxious.

Alright! So we're gonna head over and when I say go,
and only when I say go, we'll start!

The crowd erupts in cheers yet again and begins to follow Rudy down the street to the location. MATT, 22, holds his pillow with an excited grin on his face. He turns to NATALIE, 21, a fellow PA who stands next to him and smiles a wide and devious smile.

You're excited.

Matt nods his head in assent.


A blond drama queen in a pink zip-up hoodie from the Drama department starts laughing flamboyantly and causes a commotion around him.

(practicing swinging his pillow)
He's first

(eyes lighting up)

There's more to this but maybe next time. It gets kinda long. However, it does involve me catching pillows swung at me and just beating the owner of said caught pillow relentlessly with my own. It was a glorious 4 minutes of unadulterated pillow bashing before the cops came and we ran back to the dorm.

Aside from all that I have a picture to post that I just did. I've had this image in my mind for a few days and, of course, it looks so much cooler in my mind than on paper, but I guess I'm getting a little better.

I guess I aspire to be him; a *puppet master, the mind behind the plans working from the shadows to get everything done. It's quite difficult now because more often than not I feel more like one of the puppets in his hands.

*I guess the aspiration has something to do with a power trip of some sort. I hope that should the leadership role ever be placed in my hands I would handle it well, but I guess the only way of telling with that is seeing if it happens.

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