Saturday, August 22, 2009

Visting Mr. Holtzman


MATTHEW, 22, stands by the doorway facing MR. HOLTZMAN, a santa-like 66 year old retired teacher. JOYCE, 22, MIKE, 22, and DEE, 21, make their way outside under the porch of a three floor house that very much resembles a tree house. The smell of nature and trees is exemplified as the pouring rain pitter-patters off the trees of the surrounding forest.

Matthew and Mr. Holtzman hug before Matthew makes his exit. The discussions held only moments ago resonate deeply in each of their minds. The degredation of their old school district as well as the nation's education system remain meaningful because so much of it was the foundation for their relationships, the chain that linked them all together.

Matthew puts on his cowboy hat and prepares to go.

Mr. Holtzman
Which way are you facing? This way?
(pointing to his left)
or that way?
(pointing to his right)

(Thinking for a moment)
That way.
(pointing to the right)
I'm facing your trash cans.

Mr. Holtzman
(Pointing out of his doorway)
You can back into that clearing there and
turn around. On your way out take a look
at my bumper sticker.

Mr. Holtzman smiles and pats Matt on the back.

Thanks. I will. Next time you're in
Bloomfield give us a call.

Yea, we'll go to Nevadas or something.

Mr. Holtzman
Sounds like a good idea.

The four of them walk out from under the porch, waving goodby to Mr. Holtzman. Matthew takes out his car key and unlocks the car remotely, doing the same with the trunk. Joyce runs over and drops Apples to Apples in the trunk as everyone else hops in the car.

Matthew starts the engine and heads down the road. As they pass Mr. Holtzman's Jeep Cherokee they pause and look behind them. On the back of the car is a bumper sticker that reads "God, please save me from your followers". Matthew shakes his head and laughs.

Mr. Holtzman's awesome.

Matthew faces forward and takes his foot off the break. The car begins to move from its place in the road and continues on into the distance.

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  1. if 90% of people that did things in the name of God didn't, actually believing would be so much easier. too many hypocrites...