Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teaching Channel: Education Update Pt. 1

So back in mid February I started working as an associate producer/shooter/editor for a project for PBS in conjunction with Teaching Channel, a U.S. version of the now defunct teacher's tv in the UK.

The project I worked on was specifically called "Education Update" and were 5 15 minute episodes detailing the adoption of Common Core Standards here in America. The project took about 3 and 1/2 months to complete and are now finally available to be viewed by the public. Below you can watch one of the episodes -- specifically on elementary education. They are all out but I am uploading some better quality versions to my Vimeo account, especially since the teaching channel website, for whatever reason, allows you to download the videos but not embed them -- and Vimeo does. So, more later -- they're a little larger in size so I only have enough memory in my Vimeo account to upload 1 a week, but you can still view the rest on the teaching channel website (actually, that is encouraged). Links below.

Education Update: ELA and Literacy from Matthew Chao on Vimeo.

Common Core State Standards for Math
Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy
Common Core State Standards for Elementary School
Common Core State Standards for Middle School
Common Core State Standards for High School

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tom Mangravite

Tom Mangravite was an accomplished cinematographer, and while his credentials were not prominently displayed at the end of many Hollywood hits, he still had a very fruitful and none the less impressive career, having shot many classic and easily recognized commercials.

While all this is a relevant part of the laundry list of accomplishments that is this man's life, what I knew him as was a challenging, thorough teacher and a supportive and kind mentor. My Junior year of college I took Cinematography 1 with him, a class where he taught us much of the theory and science behind what goes on in a camera and then drilled that knowledge into us by recreating practical situations, his often taking on the role of cinematographer and ordering us as though we were working on a real set -- it was one of the most informative and valuable experiences I had in film school.

Often times, in class, he would take on the role of a hard ass, yelling at us for goofing off and constantly challenging. However, despite this gruff facade he donned during class, it was very clear his, as he put it, bark was much worse than his bite, often taking the time to provide assistance and support for students who sought it. His knowledge and passion will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back on my Feet

3-D Bird Walk Cycle from Matthew Chao on Vimeo.

Being able to walk has never hurt this much while simultaneously feeling this good.
(that is NOT an S&M comment)