Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jury Duty


A silver 2003 Honda Accord cruises at a leisurely pace down the street. It slows down to make a turn and is honked at by the car behind it.


MATTHEW, 22, dressed in a Cowboy hat and a shirt that says "Internet Predator" on it, looks around confused; there doesn't appear to be any signs that say no turning. He continues onto the next street and begins to turn there.


The car from earlier follows him and honks at him again.


Matt ignores the car behind him and continues driving at his leisurely pace. The car behind him honks at him again, clearly wanting him to go faster. By this time Matt is fed up with him so he flips him off and slows down, bringing the car to a nice 15mph. The car behind him starts honking more but Matt keeps at his own speed. Eventually they pass a light and the car behind him pulls into the lane next to him. As the car next to him pulls away he honks at Matt. Matt just shrugs and smiles.


The silver Honda Accord pulls into a parking lot. Matt reaches out the window and grabs a ticket as he enters. He pulls the car up to the second level and parks where he has a good view and exits the car.


Matthew picks up his things from the end of the security check-in and walks up the stairs and into the juror's waiting area and gets on line. As he stands on the back of the line a tall man with a light mustache and stubby beard as well as a buzzed head stares at Matt. Matt figures it's probably because of the cowboy hat, until he gets a closer look at the man looking at him and he figures out why he's staring at him.

Hey George!

GEORGE, 22, is an old friend of Matthew's dating back to their time in first grade. He was best known for his large afro as well as his amazing piano and other musical skills.

Matt Chao! Wow, that's amazing.
Wait, let me call my dad and tell him.

George pulls out his cell phone, flips it open and dials home.

George (Con't)
(Over the phone)
Hey Dad. Yea, I'm in the courthouse now.
Guess who's waiting behind me?
Matt Chao.
hahaha, ok, love you. Bye dad.

George hangs up the phone and turns to Matthew

George (Con't)
He said that's like the draft. You
run into people you know on line.

There's more, I just don't have the energy to write it all right now so maybe later.
Anyway, yes, I did wear all that to jury duty, here's a picture of the shirt and hat.