Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She told him to pack away all his valuables into his cabinet, as though a cheap particalboard door that didn't even lock could stop someone from going through his posessions and taking whatever they pleased. He supposed that wasn't so much the point as to just get it out of plain sight, not that it mattered either way; he didn't keep valuables in his room. Ultimately, his parents were just being paranoid, a characteristic of them which he had grown accustomed go over the past 23 years of his life. He didn't see any need to worry even if he did have anything worth taking in his posession as the reason for this particular bought of parental paranoia (though these episodes were rarely ever really justified) was that a contractor was coming tomorrow to replace the old heating system.

He was more concerned for the heating system than anything else, to be honest. It was quite funny, actually. His parents worried about his valuables dissappearing and the only thing he really was concerned about at the moment was what they were paying thean to take away: the radiator.

The radiator was an old cast iron steam-heat radiator that hissed, clanked and transmitted sound solidly through it's hollow pipes around the house to any of the other 5 heaters connected to it throughout the house. They were heavy and combersome things and to him they were objects of beauty as they appeared to be a part of a dissappearing world. The old and outdated was to be replaced with new baseboards; a heating system that lacked the character and history of the soon to be realics of the past. He wished he could keep one of the radiators, but he already knew what his mom's response would be; "Don't be stupid, what are you going to do with it?"

Indeed, she was right, there was NO use he would ever have for it N it would just take up much needed space and create an inane amount of clutter. He was already enough of a pack-rat without trying to keep a giant piece of scrap metal. Ultimately the message was clear; Accept the impending change or be burried in a large mound of junk as you futilely attempt to recreate what has already passed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And we are go -- sorta

If you'll look to your right you might notice a new nifty thing at the side of my blog. Those are links to films/animation experiments that I've done. Please have a peak. There's more on my Youtube channel.

And yes, Steven Neary, (although I know you're not reading this) I DID steal the idea from your blog. And since you don't read my blog, you'll never know!

Hopefully more impressive videos will gradually replace the ones there as time goes by.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lives On Trains

I started a new blog called "Lives on Trains" ("Life on a Train" and "Life on Trains" were taken). It's a "collection" (hard to be a collection at one post at this point in time, so really it just aims to be a collection) of short stories I will be trying to write whenever I get the motivation to, just on the characters aboard trains. Maybe something bigger will come of it, maybe nothing more than what it currently is will come of it, but it's something that may be fun to do.