Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Day at Work

I guess it can be gathered pretty easily that it's a slow day at work today from the fact that I'm writing about it. Despite that, however, I have learned a few more things.

1.) A full(er) night's sleep (6 hours) is wonderful and packed with interesting dreams that I had no trouble remembering when I was a kid but now have difficulty remembering. (Odd tid-bit but there it is)

2.) Pandora Radio is great.

3.) Life minus IPod Touch is pretty good too.

4.) Getting myself to write when the internet is available is difficult.

The fourth and last one is probably the only one that's really really annoying. I hate having projects hang over me but at the same time I'm really bad in that I tend to have a lot of them hang over me and this script, as well as other ideas, are projects that are hanging over me and it's a problem, as I've discovered, because I can't seem to get myself to do anything about it. I learned from Sam Pollard a year or so ago that so much of film making is just about discipline and I feel that discipline has been a problem that has plagued me since the age of 5. I'm horrible at keeping myself in line and have been for as long as I can remember.

It's always frustrating when you discover something that your parents said to you that you just rolled your eyes then is valid. I remember my dad saying something about my needing to learn discipline. I never took it seriously nor did I try to do it because it seemed like too much effort. I just trusted that when it came to crunch time I'd do it, and that, for the most part, is how it is with me now, but is that how I should be doing things? What happens when I have no "crunch time," or, rather, that "crunch time" is ongoing because there is no deadline because no one is keeping me accountable? How do I get it done then?

I guess I just need to learn discipline. Now's a lot better than later. I guess.

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  1. I need patience too. dammit.

    i say we take these sinking ships, find an island, and use the boats as firewood.