Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arizona Overview

Two weeks ago I thought about an upcoming trip to Arizona with just my parents and my grandma and I cringed. A week in the middle of the desert with parental units? Sounds horrible; a week full of nagging, boredom and ruined moments as I'm forced to "appreciate" the beautiful nature around me.

Tonight is my last night in Arizona and I can't say I had a bad time. I've found myself rolling my eyes a lot but at the same time I've managed to find moments to myself to appreciate my surroundings. I was also probably too busy working on producing F.a.N.G. over the phone (and internet) to really be annoyed.

All in all I had a good time and got to see some beautiful sights as well as spend a lot of time in a car driving from town to town. I have to rate Arizona pretty positively (aside from their love of the traffic circle, those I just don't quite understand their obsession with). Arizona is definately a nice break from the fast-paced environment of Manhattan.

The music video seems to be going alright as well. Not quite smoothly (actually, a lot of hiccups), but it's going, which is good to hear. We'll see how everything turns out tomorrow.

Additionally, I now have a cowboy hat.

Here are some more pictures I've taken.

Montezuma's Castle --
After a while all these Sinagua houses begin to look the same, this one is just different because it's high up in the side of a mountain.

They were clearly preparead for my coming:

Prickly Pears and their fruits (the purple budding thing) are edible apparently:

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