Sunday, July 11, 2010

A tad late

He barely saw these people anymore. There was a point in time when each and every one of them had an almost daily presence in his life. However, through the course of nothing that can't be classified under the broad and all encompassing category of "life," he sprung out of his ordinary cycle and into a life full of mind-numbing distractions and seclusion.

Over a year later and he had begun to crawl back out of his cave. Maybe, the world after all, was not such a scary place. Maybe it was ok for him to revisit some of the life he had before.

He learned, however, that time does not wait. Yet another was going to join the distant ranks of the far away. The winds of change had once again blown, and this time he was caught off guard when it happened. The future would be an interesting place, and only time would be able to tell if this stretched string like bond would survive or if it would just be buried and forgotten by the sands of time.

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