Saturday, July 31, 2010

For My Country Day 2

No pictures this time around... not yet anyway. I drove up to Hebron Connecticut and shot the Vietnam scenes for "For My Country". Everything looked great. This time around I was fortunate enough to have my DP around. Matthew Troy is a very talented DP whom I met my freshmen year at NYU. Like Nick Feitel, I've collaborated with Matt Troy on a lot of projects since our freshmen year and Matt has proved to become a rather invaluable asset to any of my productions. The stylistic elements he brings visually to the films he shoots always enhances the story ten fold.

Anyway, as I was saying, shooting went well. This is going to be a rather sound design intensive post production, but I'm excited for it anyway. Hopefully I'll have some pictures from this past day soon.

I think it all looks great, but I won't have any of the footage until the week after next (this) week, so more once I get it.

I should start syncing the sound on the New York scenes... perhaps Monday.

Additionally... hopefully all the stains will come out of the uniforms...

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