Monday, July 12, 2010


She was probably asleep when the two arrived; unannounced and unexpected, mind you. Her bags were packed, save for a few items strewn about the dark apartment.

Perhaps it would have been more poignant if she were leaving an empty apartment; her own, empty apartment. Perhaps if that were the case it would have been just that more heart wrenching a scene, but the two bedroom one bathroom flat belonged not to her, but a kind family of four that lent her a roof and a bed while they visited elsewhere.

She was probably awoken by the sound of the buzzer; a sound she probably was not expecting for at least another hour.

Downstairs, a reverberating electric sound resonated through the small foyer of the several story apartment building as the two pushed open the front door and made their way up.

She opened the door to the apartment in a somewhat disheveled haze, welcoming her two unexpected visitors inside. Despite her disoriented state she seemed pleased to see them; friends who came to spend a final hour with her before she parted ways with the city in which she spent the past 5 years of her life.

The seconds gave way to minutes as time ticked away, steadily counting down until the time came for her to leave them. Despite that, most of their time together was spent in silence, the three of them just merely existing within a close proximity to each other. It was a tranquil silence; one that spoke all that needed to be said and did all that needed to be done. After all, the two visitors were not there to stir up conversation or reminisce about old times; they were there to merely be. She might be leaving the life she had lived for the past five years, but when the time came, she wouldn't be alone. It was a message, and maybe, it would be enough.

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