Thursday, October 15, 2009

On More Free Work

The plan, originally, was to continue my internship with American Masters (PBS) until September, but as prospects of employment continued to look bleak I abandoned any ideas of leaving and stayed put, thinking it was better for me to stay at my internship and not get paid than sit at home doing nothing and not get paid.

The thinking i still support and plan to continue, yes, at PBS. On Wednesday I spent a bit of my free time surfing the classified ads on looking for some work that I was qualified for. I applied for about 4 or 5 positions and none have gotten back to me, except one, probably unpaid, post production internship.

The company's name is citybuzz and I was contacted by the editor/production associate for an interview on Monday at 11am. (I got this interview possibly only because I'm an NYU graduate and she is also an NYU alum, I mean the email went; "As a former NYU graduate, I would love to have my boss interview you for the Final Cut Pro internship at citybuzz.") I sought to take on this internship with the hopes of having something to put on my resume to make me look more legit as a post production person. Honestly, despite the fact that I know I know how to fluently use the editing systems Final Cut and Avid, my resume doesn't reflect that. I believe that on the entire resume I have one thing that's related to editing and that's my documentary on Ham Radio which is listed as director and editor. Additionally, if I get this, hopefully this is something that can lead to some paid work in the future.

Now, aside from something that can boost my resume, what I'm looking for in an internship is flexibility. Yes, I would like a stipend as well, but that's not as important to me as flexibility. Take, for example, PBS. I am still with American Masters (and will be staying with American Masters) because they're flexible with me. They understand that I may have freelance work or whatever going on so if I can't make a day or week or even as long as a month, as long as I provide notice ahead of time, they're fine with it. I can guarantee this internship with Citybuzz two full days a week; Monday and Friday. In order for me to work at this place as an intern I need for them to understand that my schedule is, while usually locked solidly in place, needs to have room for movement, especially if they aren't paying me, and if they can't do that, as unfortunate as it may sound, it just may be a place at which I can't be an intern.

I guess I'll provide updates on what's going on and how it all turns out.

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