Monday, June 29, 2009

Hollywood Chinese

So Saturday I sat around and watched a bunch of movies. Naturally I get into movie watching AFTER film school (go figure). This is interesting because, and yes, I will take the time to digress and talk about this because it's important, but yea, anyway, I was never really THAT into watching movies, the experience of going to a theater was something I rarely got to experience as a kid and not really captivating in and of itself anyway. Going to the movies was expensive and a pain since my parents would have to take me to them and I had no friends to go with anyway. As I told many of my friends at NYU; I enjoy making films a lot more than watching them... it's kind of that way with sports too. I'm never one to be a spectator, my attention span won't allow for it, I want to get in there and get involved. So even when I had movies at home or in college when people would ask me if I wanted to see a movie I'd be kinda hesitant about it and suggest doing something else.

Despite all that, recently I've been finding myself more interested in actually watching the movies I've bought. I don't know if its the boredom or the fact that I'd rather not look at the pitiful script that I'm writing and thinking about my own uncompleted films just makes me depressed, but I've been watching about a movie a night, if not more.

This is relevant because recently I've sat down and watched Hollywood Chinese, which I got from my internship a while back. I found this production, for some reason, rather inspiring. It was one of those rare moments where I felt really motivated to get up and make something great. Naturally, this feeling faded within the hour and I popped in a new movie to watch. I don't know what it was exactly that got me excited, maybe it was this notion that others out there are making films about something that I could really relate to, but I was riled up, riled up enough to get a decent enough amount of faith back in my own film, which I shot this past year.

Its easy to lose faith in your project, easy to lose heart and become unmotivated. However, after looking at Hollywood Chinese, as well as all my dailies, I felt really motivated to work on my project and I hope this motivation lasts.

Another thing about my film. I've made decent progress with it so far in the editing room... maybe once I finish a rough cut I'll cut a trailer and post it up here.

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