Monday, June 15, 2009

The Beginning

So I've been debating with myself about whether or not to open for myself a blogspot or not, or, more accurately, to open up a blog that I hoped people would read. I've seen many of my cohorts having had started blogs including those whose work I've greatly admired but I was hesitant to join in the fun because I had this fear that my blog would not match the professionalism that theirs did.

This isn't my first blog, not by a long shot. I've had a Xanga since highschool and very frequently posted in it for a time. However, over the years my frequenct in posting in said blog dwindled, as did everyone else who had a Xanga, but despite that I held onto it and made posts every now and then, many times wondering if anyone was even reading it, but not caring all the same because I was posting for me.

Recently, I found myself posting more frequently in my Xanga, or, to be more accurate, posting things or wanting to post more things that people could read. However, part of me is a little ashamed of my Xanga, it's messy, its oddly colored and its something that dates all the way back to my more juvenile and foolish days of high school and early college... not to say I'm that much less juvenile and foolish, but I guess even a little change goes a long way, but I digress.

So as I was saying, as of late have been wanting to write something that people would read and I was in much conflict; do I make a new blog? do I just clean up my Xanga and continue writing in that? if I make a new blog do I get rid of my Xanga? If not, what's the point of having two blogs? and so on. Ultimately, I've come to the conclusion to keep both blogs and I'll just write different things in each.

I hope to make posts about personal professional discoveries, pictures, photos, projects, and things I really hope people will read or look at in here, my Xanga will be more for myself, although if anyone cares to read that they're also welcome to as well.

At any rate, I have pictures I've doodled and such and hope to post them as soon as I scan them in, which won't be for a while since I still haven't unpacked my scanner and desktop since I've moved home, but rest assured, more will come.

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