Sunday, January 31, 2010

Undisciplined Slob

For the past two days he had subjected his life to the same cycle; go to sleep late at night, in some cases arguably the next morning, and wake up mid afternoon the next day, spending most of it unproductively reading comics, listening to music and playing games. It was, after all, the weekend. He knew that he should be working, either reading the books given to him by his brother on how to make wise financial decisions or working on one of four scripts he started but never finished, but it was the weekend and he didn't feel like it. Once again, his laziness was getting the best of him. He hoped, however, that a streak of discipline would find its way to him and he would be able to regiment himself into making something worthwhile. Time would tell if he would be successful in turning himself from a slob to something productive. The tools were there, he just needed to pick them up again.

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