Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Beginnings

He futilely connected his phone to his computer, searching for a way to back up the pictures and other miscellaneous things that had accumulated on the device over the past 7 months. He had the thing for just over half a year and already it had crapped out; the screen constantly refusing to work for him. This last time he finally managed to once again get the screen to function, meaning he could actually see what he was doing. He searched through the menu options in vain, hoping he could find just some way to drop everything onto his computer, but no option presented itself and so he finally resigned to deleting everything off of his phone before returning it to the manufacturer.

As he watched the little arrow graphic spin, giving a visual representation the phone going to work deleting what evidence it contained of the past 7 months of his life, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of apprehension.

At last the purging was complete and the phone laid empty in his hands. The history stored as 1's and 0's within the device's silicone brain transformed to a landscape of 0's as though the past 7 months never happened. He felt something indistinct, a feeling he had hoped for at the beginning of it all. There was a new beginning, truly this time, and he felt ready for it.

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