Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hawaii Pt. 2 - Haunting

He decided that sightseeing was terribly annoying. Going to see a giant hole in the ground and spending all day to see it from different angles was not his idea of a day well spent. It didn't help that his guardians were forcing him to do so all the while he was being haunted quite severely by his ghost.

For the past week or so he had been once again plagued with yet another case of extreme hauntings. Usually he would be way too busy and too tired to pay attention, but now that he was on "vacation" monotonous work and over exhaustion weren't available means of shutting out the screams from this spectral haunting.

About three days earlier he had discovered that constantly playing music would drown out this recent batch of screaming, but slowly and steadily the voices managed to get louder and louder, piercing through his acoustical barrier. Steadily he grew grumpier and grumpier until he would refuse to speak to people, just wandered off on his own, throwing up his wall of sound and trying to ignore the damned ghost; it didn't really work. Eventually he gave up and put away the music, facing the ghost head on. It wasn't a pretty fight.

He had a plan for combat; he would pretend that the worst had happened, even though it hadn't, and see how he dealt with it, slowly strengthening himself under it. That was the battle plan, a plan to constantly defeat himself; no matter he was destined to suffer, and suffer he did. Thrashed and beaten he sunk lower and lower in despair; the ghost looking ever greater and unbeatable. Finally he was at a loss, not knowing what to do except admit defeat, and just as he did, the ghost disappeared, suddenly he was triumphant.

He did not know where the ghost had gone or why it had left but it had disappeared and he didn't question it; instead he would enjoy his victory, but knowing that it would be back. However, he hoped this moment of tranquility would last, until at least he returned home.

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