Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drawings (Finally!)

I FINALLY got around to scanning in a couple of drawings that I have done. One of which I did in Hawaii, another of which I did some time last month and the last of which I did today (or yesterday, depending on how technical you want to be).

On that same subject, however, my ever faithful, badly beaten and quite well traveled notebook/sketchbook that I've had since Junior year is finally near full, meaning I have two blank pages left.

Honestly, this sketchbook has become a major instrument in my life, having been bought and started second semester Junior year because of my class "Lyrical Resistance," which encouraged the constant writing down of our thoughts or ideas or whatever in a notebook or journal, which I did and I'm ever so grateful that I started and have not stopped. This notebook has been with me everywhere I've traveled, from Holland and Prague (Czech Republic) the summer between junior year and senior year to Arizona and Hawaii this past year, and within it lies all sorts of memories and improvements; you can really see my growth through the past two years. At the same time, however, you can also see just how much has painfully stayed the same. I still have some things (drawings) I need to complete in there and some ideas I need to flesh out more and use this notebook as a reference to pull from, so it's not going in some box in my attic, no, actually it will probably stay right here on my desk, although once the last 2 pages are filled it will not be traveling with me in my backpack anymore; I'll have to find a new one for that.

That and I don't think it can stand very much more travel, honestly I must have taped the front cover back on at least 3 or 4 times in its life span.

Anyway, here's what I advertised, the long awaited drawings... don't get your hopes up, I haven't been drawing much so my already crappy drafting skills have only gotten worse.

It's really weird seeing Christmas decorations up while people walk around in shorts and short sleeve shirts.

This was actually drawn around my friend's actual birthday (Mid to late November) but I just never got around to scanning it and uploading it until now.

Here's a drawing I did today while my friend (same as above) was practicing piano. As you can see my drafting skills need work... especially on the actual person... I don't really mind how the piano came out too much.

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