Thursday, December 10, 2009

100th Post

Wow, is it my 100th post already? I did not expect to reach 100 that quickly. Actually, I can remember when I first started this blog... about 6 months ago... (late June) wow... 6 months... has it already been that long? Anyway, a lot has happened since I started this blog, I guess... For one I'm now employed... but still over working myself. OK, so maybe not that much has changed, but some things have and as things continue to change I'll continue to post about them... hopefully in some interesting way. Additionally, I swear, once I get around to scanning things or loading pictures, pictures and drawings will be loaded and displayed here. That's all for the post on the 100th post. In reality it's not really THAT special, but I think it's still worth mentioning.

Now, onto the real post:

Hawaii Pt. 3 - Safeguards

They had spent the day shopping, wandering through a botanical garden and then visiting a coffee factory/plantation; overall, nothing he was really into. He did, however, spend some time napping, which helped make some progress in safeguarding in the event of the return of his ghost.

Further structural repairs needed to be made but some significant progress had been made. He had, however, made two purchases, one of which might be offered to the source of his haunting problems; he wasn't sure if it would be, he hadn't decided. What he had decided, however, was that it would be an interesting month before his ghost's master returned, a lot was in store for him.



Ok, so apparently this isn't the official 100th post. It's my 100th post including my drafts... which can't be seen by everyone, so this is my 93rd to everyone else, but my 100th to me, so this is the unofficial 100th post.

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