Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Late Train Pt. 1

He sat on the train platform waiting for the next train to come. It was 1:00 in the morning and his badder was quite full. Unfortunately he had made the decision to take the earlier train to the transfer point earlier in case the later train was late; this was the last train home for the night and he didn't want to run the risk or missing the train he had to transfer to. This was a sound idea, in theory, except for the fact that the three glasses of wine, four glasses of water and the one can of green tea were now done working their way through his system and now looking for an exit. The platform didn't have a good place to let the liquids escape as they pleased, so there was nothing to do but hold it and wait for an hour, hoping there would be a lavatory on the train once it arrived. At this point he cursed the station for closing everything and he cursed himself for not staying at the station that he would have been more comfortable and able to relieve himself. Once again, he had to play a waiting game; he hated waiting games.

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