Monday, February 22, 2010

Prince Royce and Jesse Boykins III Music Videos

Back in mid November I gaffed a music video for a Bachata- R&B artist named Prince Royce, and I found out last night (through random google-ing) that it was completed and posted to youtube on January 31st. Here's the results of it:

I'd like to think I did a half decent job with the lighting, but there are things I would do differently now. Opinions are always welcome.

Here's another music video that I gaffed a few weeks after I did the Prince Royce one. I'm not sure if I posted this one earlier, but if I did I'm doing it again, since, well, you know, I'm not sure if it had earlier. By the way, this is an R&B artist named Jesse Boykins III and the song/music video is called "The Itis"

Again, feedback is always welcome.

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