Wednesday, February 17, 2010

His Year

Months earlier, he had stumbled upon a fortune telling of the year to come for him. It read, amongst other things, "aggressiveness will bring you financial success,". Now, he was never one for fortune tellings or predictions of the future, not by humans and certainly not by kitschy calendars found in the tiny Hawaiian version of Chinatown that he was, at the time, wandering through.

Despite his typical skepticism of such things, the generic calender fortune did point out one of his greatest flaws; his lack of aggressiveness. He was typically a sit back and allow things to happen kind of guy, and in many areas it was failing him miserably. Now, this wasn't to say that he should push excessively for things to happen that wouldn't happen and expect a favorable result, but a little more persistence, enthusiasm and drive might get him much further than he was now.

Financial success wasn't at the top of his list, although it was up there, but this idea of being more aggressive was something that perhaps would benefit him in achieving goals in other areas of his life. He thought to give it a try; it was, after all, his year.

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