Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later

For the longest time, I used to leave an annual 9/11 memorial on my Xanga. I stopped some time in college -- i believe it was either 07 or 08 -- mostly because it started feeling cheap. 9/11 is a topic that has, in many ways, been talked to death. It is a tragedy that has been decorated with fluffy, poetic, eloquent words for the past 10 years, but none of those words can really encapsulate what happened or what we should be feeling. Ultimately everyone feels something different on the giant emotion spectrum, as they should do and as anyone would when facing tragedy. I remember, after another tragedy that was a bit closer to home, speaking with a friend and he said something that I'll always remember: "There's nothing to say,".

There's a reason why memorial services always include a moment of silence -- because sometimes silence will say more than any number of words ever will.

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