Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Old Man

It was about 4:30 when he got the news. He was dressed rather nicely: dress pants, black button-down underneath a red v-neck cashmere sweater. His attire, while entirely appropriate for the work related event earlier that day, was now completely inappropriate for the news he had just received.

The old man's apartment was hot and cramped. Strewn about were various sets of clothes and other junk. The old man had lived like a pack rat... for all the good that did him. Now the possessions he had refused to get rid of for so long were left behind for his family to clean up.

Our hero arrived shortly after he got the call. In the room next door lay a lump in the bedsheets. The room held an ominous and uninviting presence, but as long as our hero stayed away from the room none of it seemed threatening, as though it were radiated from a world far away. Perhaps it was this feeling that none of this was real that he was hiding behind, and as long as he didn't step foot in that room his fairy tail world would remain.

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