Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spectre Corporeal Pt. 2 The Battle of Silence

It was a trap and he knew it. For the longest time he had successfully managed to evade the Spectre. This time, however, he was sent the challenge. Like Robinhood off to the archery contest with the sheriff of Nottingham, this was an invitation he could not turn down. And so, our hero suited himself in his some of his sturdiest arms and prepared for war.

The Spectre stumbled onto the battlefield. Perhaps he had actually caught it by surprise, but whether or not he did, it did not matter because immediately the battle began.

This game was certainly one he was not unaccustomed to; despite its deviation from tradition. This was a battle of silence and both he and the Spectre were masters.

The minutes gave way to hours and neither the hero nor the Spectre gave a fraction of an inch. They attacked and parried and guarded with the utmost precision, battling to a standstill until their time was up, and in the end, not a word was spoken and neither of them were the victors.

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